Welcome to International education and nature school camp!

International Education and Nature School Camps are organized in Finland which is regarded as the country of thousand lakes. Learning will go through in the beautiful archipelago.

The Camp consists of three modules: Education, Nature and City. In Education Module participants can experience renowned Finnish education by participating in workshops that are arranged by local Universities.

In Nature Module, participants can enjoy what the Finnish nature has to offer: fishing, blueberry picking, forest walks and sailing!

The two modules can be combined with the City Module. We will take you to the historical Turku Castle or to the Helsinki City centre for shopping. Visit to Stockholm or Tallinn can also be arranged.

The camp is suitable for school children and the youth 10-20 years old. The modules can be combined and tailored to best fit the age and the interests of the group. You can see our sample program in our website.

Our theme is “Learning by Doing”. While having fun, the participants learn new things by doing. Bring an open mind, a spoonful of courage to try new things and be prepared to participate! Come and join us for an unforgettable experience!