Nature Module

Finland is a county of thousand lakes. There are over 55 000 lakes surrounded by forests. In the beautiful Turku archipelago, there are more than 40 000 small islands. Lakes and sea water is clean enough to swim in and of course, what is Finland without sauna? Finns are proud of their 3,2 million saunas. These are our playgrounds for the Nature Module.

Nature Module can be 3-5 days. Activities can be combined depending on the interests of the group.


Journey begins with Northern Europe’s oldest wooden galley, Old Lady called Olga! Sailing on this beautiful ship will be one of the highlights of the camp. During the day the group learns about sea navigation, making sailor’s knots, raising the mast, etc. We can make our own salmon soup on board, which brings you the flavors of Finnish nature. If the time allows, the group can do longer sailing school from 3 to 5 days.


We will teach different styles of fishing. For example, fly fishing from the shore and from the boat, net fishing and angling.


Berry picking and baking:
In summer, Finnish forests are full of the berries. We will take a walk into a forest and pick blueberries with bare hands. When we have enough berries in our stomach and in the basket, we will go to a kitchen and roll up our sleeves to bake a blueberry pie. Yummy!


Archipelago Olympics
This is a day for team work. The participants are divided in different teams and will compete in fun games. We called it the Archipelago way of playing. We won’t reveal what kind of games are waiting for you. You just have to hop on board and see yourself.

Other activities:
Survival skills in the forest. Learn how to make it on your own in the wilderness. Here you will learn how to make fire without matches or a lighter, how to prepare your meal from ingredients that nature gives you and basic survival tips against cold and wild animals.